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GGN Share

I just joined a new site guys! Free upgrade for first 100 members. At this moment, there are only 21 members on the site. Take advantage of this chance! Join now!

Here are things which I copied at the site.

GGNShare was created to help prove there is a way to earn money using a profile account just like myspace and earn revenue with it.

Activity Points : All Members will earn a Activity Point from the following : Forum Posts, Video Uploads, Picture Uploads, Profile Comments, Writing a Blog, and Making Up a Poll Vote.

- Profile Comments : All Members are only allowed one Profile Comment to be written on another persons Profile. Writing more than one Profile Comment will result in deletion of comment or may result in suspension of account. If you wish to comment or send the person a message due it via inbox or SEND Message.

- Payments : Will be made upon request in the Pay Me Page. You must Reach a minimum of 100 Activity Points to request payment. Payments will be made Via Paypal as of now.

- Upgrades : Upgrading your account will give you some bonuses. If you wish not to see ads upgrade your account. Doing so you will be able you to upload videos, Remove Annoying Sponsor Ads and increase the amount of PTP Profile Points Exchange You can get.

- PTP Profile : Members will get Paid to Promote Their Profile. Every Point can be exchanged for Activity Points. Every 1000 Profile Views can be Exchanged for 10-15 Activity Points Depending on the Type of Membership you currently have. Exchanges can be made in the Pay Me Page Upon request. Give about 24 hours to make the exchange. DO NOT Promote YOUR Profile in a IFRAME Doing so will result in a ban of account

- Video/Gallery Comments : Members are allowed only to make one comments Per Video or Per Gallery Picture. Making More than one comment will result in a Ban. Members can not make comments on their own picture. Making comments on your own video/picture will result in a ban.

- Blog/Blog Comments : Members Are Allowed to make unlimited Blogs but they can't be spam. Must be at least over 3 sentences long. Only one Blog Comment Per Person. The Creator of the blog can't comment on the blog. Only other people can.


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